Geodiverzity Day of Banská Bystrica Geopark

On the occasion of the declaration of the International Geodiversity Day at the 41st UNESCO General Conference in 2021, the Slovak Environment Agency in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences – the Institute of Earth Sciences, the Banská Bystrica Geopark and the Centre for Geoinformatics and Digital Technologies at the Department of Geography and Geology of the Faculty of Geography and Geology of the University of Matej Bel organized the Geodiversity Day in the Banská Bystrica Geopark on 6 October 2022. The event was held at the SAS workplace in Banská Bystrica with a focus on raising public awareness of the importance of the abiotic component of the environment and the interconnectedness of the geosphere and the biosphere of the Earth. Through theoretical and practical contributions, the topics such as the stratovolcanic structure of Poľana, the definition of the implementation of the intention to establish the Banská Bystrica Geopark in the area of the Central Slovak Neovolcanites, the modern methods of landscape research, as well as the work and outputs of the scientific research activities of the geological and geographic department of the Institute of Earth Sciences were presented by the well-founded representatives of the individual organizers.