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The professional and educative journal about the environment, Enviromagazín, has been dealing with issues of geoparks since their beginning in Slovakia. 

Here is the summary of all articles relating to the given topic:

no.4/2018  We celebrated the Week of European Geoparks in Slovakia

no.3/2017 European Geoparks Week in the Novohrad-Nograd Geopark

no.1/2017 News of the SR Geoparks Network and how to build an educational trail correctly

no.5/2016 Series of articles about news and activities in the Slovak geoparks

no.5/2016 Largest educational trail in Slovakia

no.4/2015 Renewed educational trail Old Town (Glanzenberg)

no.2/2015 Natural jewel next to the capital

no.1/2015 Geoparks as one of product groups of tourism in Slovakia

no.1/2015 Slovak geopark “trio”

no.1/2014 Will the Novohrad Geopark pay for lack of interest of competent persons?

no.4/2013 Discovering values and improving the environment of the Novohrad municipalities

no.4/2013 World geopark along sides of the lowest watershed between the rivers of Danube and Tisa

no.3/2013 Week of the Novohrad-Nograd Geopark attracted attention

no.1/2013 Government of the SR evaluated the implementation of the Concept of geoparks development in the SR

no.3/2012 Celebration of biodiversity in Fiľakovo

no.2/2011 European Geoparks Week in the Novohrad-Nograd Geopark

no.5/2010 Secret of success of the island Lesbosla

no.5/2010 Geoparks are 10 years old

no.2/2010 Protected territories, geoparks and geotourism

no.2/2010 Geoparks – natural way forward

no.2/2010 Langkawi Geopark – the first geopark in Southeast Asia

no.2/2010 Novohrad Geopark – project of international importance

no.2/2010 Geotopes of the Banská Štiavnica Geopark

no.2/2010 Banská Štiavnica Geopark – opportunity to present unique values

no.2/2010 Banská Bystrica Geopark – target place in “the heart of Slovakia“

no.2/2010 Geoparks – tool of support of the regional development and integrated care of the landscape

no.2/2010 Geoparks of Slovakia

no.6/2008 Concept of Geoparks in the SR approved by the Government

no.6/2008 How to become a successful geopark

no.6/2008 Neogene volcanism in the territory of Slovakia

no.6/2008 Stages of the development of the Štiavnica stratovolcano (poster)

no.5/2008Young alkaline basalt volcanism in Slovakia

no.MČ/2007 Geopark new initiative of the territory protection and presentation

no.5/2006 Geoparks – new initiative also in our country

no.5/2006 First Slovak geopark