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Week of European Geoparks 2019

The Slovak Environment Agency supported the Week of European Geoparks event in Slovakia

This year’s “Week of European Geoparks” event took place from 27 May to 7 June 2019 on the territory of Slovak geoparks, Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark, Banská Štiavnica and Banská Bystrica Geoparks with the active support of the Slovak Environment Agency (SEA).

In the Slovak part of the Novohrad-Nógrád UNESCO Global Geopark, the event was organized for the 11th time. It was opened by a guided hike on the route Fiľakovo – Stará Bašta – Šiatorská Bukovinka – Fiľakovo, focused on the presentation of values of the Geopark with recognizing various bird singing. The main educational event was the competition “Discover Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark” intended for pupils of elementary schools and lower secondary schools in the region of Novohrad with the aim of getting to know the inanimate and living part of the environment of the Cerová vrchovina Protected Landscape Area on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

A record number of 17 three-member teams took part in the competition for primary schools in Tachty. Through the familiarization with the issue of regional geology (e.g. the Tachty Diatreme) and five external locations, pupils competed among themselves in the macroscopic identification of rock types with their subsequent identification only by touching it, in pre-prepared rock examples of sandstone, crystal, volcanic glass, coal, conglomerate, bivalve fossil, then identification of different species of flora, fauna (out of 50 pictures), as well as identification and location of protected areas in the so-called blind map of Cerová vrchovina – Protected Landscape Area. 11th three-member teams of lower secondary school pupils competed in the village of Radzovce with a similar program as their younger classmates, but in a shorter, more time demanding and more detailed knowledge of regional geology in the Radzovce neighbourhood. Of course, the three best teams of pupils of elementary and lower secondary schools were awarded for their performance with interesting prizes donated to the competition by the Association of legal entities Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark and SEA.

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On 6 June 2019, a similar competition titled “Get to Know Your Geopark” was prepared in the Banská Štiavnica Geopark for lower secondary pupils form the Maximilian Hell School in the village of Štiavnické Bane, the area of the Bakomi Tajch. The Banská Štiavnica Geopark was presented to pupils in an interesting way using 3D animation, together with its regional phenomena followed by a program focused on microscopic exploration of geopark minerals, determination of rock types by touching it, flora and fauna of the Štiavnické vrchy Protected Landscape Area and answering quiz questions concerning the important Water Management trail of Piargy serving the needs of mining in the period from 17th century to the beginning of the 19th century. Five three-member teams took part in this competition.

On 25 June 2019, an information-cognitive event “Our Geopark” will be held in the Banská Bystrica Geopark, in the village of Ľubietová for pupils from elementary schools Ľubietová, Strelníky and Medzibrod. In the beginning, there will be a presentation of the Geopark and its values, followed by a journey to the area of the Podlipa heap field on the Educational Mining Trail. Here pupils learn about the occurrence of Ľubietová minerals, work with a hammer and iron, metallurgical activities with the possibility of hand-blowing into the historic smelting furnace and mining pay stamps. They can also go down to the drift Nová Andreas and an interesting commentary on the fauna living in old mining works will be prepared for them.

In cooperation with the Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the SEA also organized an exhibition “Geoparks of the Slovak Republic” for the general public and professionals for two weeks (from 27 May to 7 June) in order to raise awareness of visitors on established geoparks in the Slovak Republic and potential areas suitable for the establishment of geoparks, their natural, cultural-historical phenomena and tourism products. The exhibition was visited by several hundred visitors, mostly from the Bratislava region.