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Volcanoes in Slovakia – 1. part

Could you imagine how the place where you are living looked thousands of years ago? However, we mean millions of years. We returned to times when the Earth was formed into the current shape, and an important role was played by the volcanic activity. The second part was focused on our youngest extinct volcano Pútik Hillock.

Volcanoes in Slovakia – 2. part

Slovakia is a country of extinct volcanoes. Near the municipality of Tekovská Breznica in the district of Žarnovica, at the altitude of 432 metres above sea level, there is a hill that has been called Pútik Hillock from time immemorial. The youngest volcano in Central Europe has also been given the same name. The interest in geoparks in our country is still in its infancy. That is way, another geopark was presented to them in the third part. First of all, this part was devoted to the volcanic activity. We have learnt whether any volcano could wake up in our territory in the future.

Volcanoes in Slovakia – 3. part

In many places of Slovakia, you can find remnants of the volcanic activity. If you look better, you can find out that no common stones and rocks are around you. Marek Lancoš spoke not only of volcanoes in our territory and not only of extinct ones. As far as the town of Naples is concerned – two very strong explosions are known. The first of them happened there 35,000 years ago, the other one 12,000 years ago. The fourth part was devoted to the volcanic activity in the east of Slovakia.

Volcanoes in Slovakia – 4. part

Have you already visited Vihorlat, Slanský or Kremnica Hills? They are mountains of the volcanic origin that have their unmistakable magic. We have also learnt more about dangers attracting people directly to active volcanoes. Mr Šimon shared with us some of his experiences from active volcanoes. And the whole story was concluded with talking about the most dangerous volcano on the Earth

Volcanoes in Slovakia – 5. part

Slovakia, a country of extinct volcanoes – Marek Lancoš spoke about that, trying to describe what was happening in our territory millions of years ago. In the final part, we had a think about the question what can be the future of our planet like.